Wednesday, January 9, 2013

British con-man wanted in cambodia for theft, rackeetering.

Michael (Mike) Scallan, confidence man from Sheffield England, has traveled over the world cleverly tricking people out of money and property. 
He is w
anted by police authorities in Sihanoukville Cambodia for questioning in theft and fraud in Cambodia. A very smooth 'operator' so, if you are reading this you may already have been taken. Contact this Facebook page if you have been a victim <---(Expats And Locals Living In Sihanoukville Cambodia) and ask for more information . Here is another place to ask for help

This person is a classic confidence or 'con' man. He has many 'stories', all of which seem plausible upon hearing. He has replaced his passport many times, using that as collateral for goods and money loans, so don't fall for that one. Updates to follow. If you are a victim of this character contact the Facebook site above or the police in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.